Friday, January 14, 2011

Run Across America

Jeff Grabosky is about to head off on his run across American. He will be wearing a Baby Alex Foundation t-shirt for part of his run, and saying prayers for people in need. We have asked Jeff to say prayers for all premature babies and their families.

Although Erik and I are not religious people, we believe in the power of faith and collective human strength. When Alex was in the hospital, thanks to the efforts of our friends and friends of friends, hundreds of people we never met said prayers for Alex. We can never thank all of those people, and we will never even know their names. We can only pass on the strength they gave us to others who are suffering. If you know someone in need of prayers, please contact Jeff. He will be running with a rosary, and will have many, many hours over hundreds and hundreds of miles to say prayers.

And if you can help Jeff along his run, please contact him as well. He will be staying in his tent on nights when he doesn't have a friend to stay with along the route. And if you are a runner, join him for a few miles.

His website:

Thank you.