Thursday, July 11, 2013

Casting Results

Poor little Alex wore his left leg cast for two weeks, and although it got wet, twice, and had sand and wood chips floating around inside by the time we got it off, he was a trooper about wearing it. The results were significant. His left foot had begun to turn inward so severely that it disabled his run. His left foot was hitting his right leg and even walking was made more difficult. The cast turned that around. He walks and runs well now, better than ever before. And that is after just 2 weeks with the cast. He now has a very stiff day brace and another night brace. We hope these will keep his muscles stretched out and growing as he grows. He grew an inch in 6 weeks, which may have been at the root of the overwhelming change in his left leg movement. With CP, muscles stay tight, and often don't grow at the same rate as the rest of the body. Wearing the cast fatigued his problematic muscles, stretched them and allowed the other muscles to gain strength. It was a plus all around.