Friday, August 14, 2015


As our theme this summer is gross motor skills, Alex is playing as many sports as he can - tennis, running, swimming, biking (iCan Bike program), lacrosse and gymnastics (not all in the same week). Yesterday, in tennis camp, the kids learned to serve. I was really nervous that Alex was going to get frustrated because serving means launching the ball with his lefty hand. I didn't think he could do it. But that is the beauty of having someone else teach your child--there are no preconceived instructor doubts about your child's ability, and it has been my experience that most kids will rise pretty close to expectation. I typically run during camp time, but try to catch the beginning and end. I was amazed yesterday when I sat down to watch. There was Alex, launching the tennis ball over his head using his lefty hand, and hitting the ball with his racquet for a lovely little serve. If your child has weakness in either side, try playing tennis. There are so many opportunities to strengthen both sides, and there is something about whacking a ball around that is incredibly therapeutic, for the parents too.

iCan Shine Program

If you have a child with disabilities, check out iCan Shine. This is an amazing organization. This week Alex has been learning to ride a 2-wheeled bike with iCan Shine, in their iCan Bike program. It has been amazing to watch. They use a roller system on the back tire that they taper as the kids gain balance. By Friday, most of the kids are riding their own bikes! Wow, this is awesome. We have been struggling to teach Alex to ride a bike for years, with horrible results. He was at the point where he simply refused to even get on the bike. But now he rides with ease. For kids who can't quite master 2 wheels, the program offers a cool bike handle for the back of the bike for parents to grab in need. We are adding that to Alex's bike today, because he has trouble getting on and off and needs that support. Grabbing a handle is a lot easier that trying to support his bike or body-the handle will save your back. Watch a demo from this week.