Friday, October 30, 2015

Beyond BookSmart: An Incredible Resource for Students and Families

I stumbled upon Beyond BookSmart this summer (, and found it to have been one of the greatest accidental discoveries I've made since we discovered eggs to be Alex's epilepsy control magic food. Beyond BookSmart is amazing and the tools they use to teach kids to manage their emotions, anxieties and academic tasks are effective, innovative and based on educational and neurological research. I loved their approach to learning so much, that I joined the team and am now an Executive Function Coach. I have begun to use some of their tools with Alex and Izzy and am impressed with the immediate positive results we have, even on small tasks such as studying for a spelling test. If you have a child, regardless of age, who is struggling in school, due to feeling overwhelmed with the workload and homework assignments, reading, essay writing, anxiety over test taking or any aspect of school, you would be wise to check out Beyond BookSmart. Coaches usually have an educational background, understand kids of all abilities and go through rigorous training before they ever meet a client. Coaches work with parents and students to gain insight into the issues at hand, and slowly introduce tools for better time management, emotional regulation, anxiety and academic progress.